Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1. I just started using the Freddie books today, but I'm confused about something. The kids loved the story, they were so engaged and remembered quickly where Freddie lives, where the river is, etc. But I noticed that there were several notes that weren't named (the G, B & D lines.) How do you introduce those?


Answer 1. It made the first story too long and complex to include all of the notes and introduce/connect the kids to Freddie all in the first story. The fourth book, Freddie the Frog and the Secret of Crater Island, introduces the other six treble clef notes (G, B, D, space D, middle C, and space B below the staff). But, I recommend reviewing the first book with flash cards enough that those first six notes are pretty secure, then introduce the fourth book. In fact, here is the order that I introduce the books and concepts with review in between each.

  1. Thump in the Night
  2. Mysterious Wahooooo (establishes rhythm notation and patterns while reviewing the first six treble clef notes)
  3. Play "Name that Tune" with Freddie and "discover" Freddie's alphabet (music alphabet). Did you know that on Treble Clef Island, they only have SEVEN letters in their alphabet? Can we sing the alphabet song Freddie's way? ;)
  4. Bass Clef Monster (Freddie's scary dream)
  5. Secret of Crater Island

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