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Artful Kids
Hands-On Creativity Nurtures Mind, Body and Spirit

by Judith Fertig

Kids’ active participation in the creative arts helps them develop physically, men- tally, emotionally and socially—whether they are painting, drawing, shaping pottery, performing in plays or musicals, dancing, storytelling, or making music. Studies culled by educators at Arizona’s Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts confirm the multiple benefits, ranging from higher SAT scores to increases in self-esteem and improved ability to handle peer pressure.




Why Schools Shouldn't Say Music Has To Go
June 1, 2011

Music teacher and expert Sharon Burch explains why schools acorss the country are making a mistake cutting music education out of school curricula.

According to a 2003 Gallup Organization survey, which was commissioned by the International Music Products Association, exactly 80 percent of respondents believed that playing an instrument makes one smarter. The same survey shows that close to 85 percent of respondents believed participating in a school music program corresponds with better grades.

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Music in Schools Interview

Sharon Burch was an absolutely exceptional guest today on the Career Czar.  She was smart, funny, witty and quick on the uptake.  She put the Czar and Producer Millian to shame.  She even came up with a great nickname for Producer Millian, sidecar.  Awesome!  She is welcome back on the Czar anytime. 

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Sharon Burch's Freddie the Frog
by Maren Schober



Browns Valley, MN
Freddie The Frog And The Mighty Meter Gnome



TIMES (second)
Frankfort, IN
Freddithe Frog Enhances Music Studies
by Jackie Trier
THE TIMES Scrapbook



Midwest Today Radio mp3 on Sharon Burch



Interview with Sharon Burch
Music Education System in the State of Iowa
KMA Land
960 AM - 99.1 FM
Shenandoah, IA



Published: 4/1/2011



Music Ed at Odds with Pop Culture, Human Experience - Expert Interview
93.1 - WIBC
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Just Add Music for Better Education
Tuesday, April 12, 2011



How to Get Kids to Read Music? Introduce them to Freddie the Frog
by Louise Sloan
April 7, 2011 at 6:03 pm



Music Key to Raising Kids’ IQ (Guest post by Sharon Burch)
March 31, 2011

Nationally regarded music education teacher and advocate Sharon Burch is the author of Freddie the Frog® - a fantastical 4-book with companion CD series that helps young children learn musical concepts while they are duly immersed in Freddie’s colorfully illustrated adventures. She may be reached online at



Apples Family Magazine
Music Makes Kids Smarter
April 2011

Serving Wisconsin families through schools and other child-friendly locations.
Brightspot Publishing Co. LLC



Community Seeds Magazine
Music: Key to Raising Kid's IQ
Spring 2011

Community Seeds Eco magazine is a Quarterly publication, which provides information about environmental, community, green living, art, stories.



Aging Arkansas
Music Can Raise Kid's IQ
January 2011



Calgary's Child March/April issue, “What’s New” book section
Should you wish to view online, please visit and click on the March/April issue, interactive e-Edition.
The highlight is located on page 6.



About Families
Berks County Edition
Soaring IQ and Composition Scores
Music Key to Raising Kids' IQ



Freddie the Frog®
The Vitality Mag



Freddie the Frog Book Review
Siblings Site
Nina Guilbeau
BellaOnline's Siblings Editor



MetroFamily Magazine
Central Oklahoma's Parenting Connection
Mon, January 31, 2011



Learn About Music from Freddie the Frog
January 25, 2011



Marlborough , MA
Published: 12/16/2010
Posted: 1/20/2011
Smarter Kids



Win a copy of a Freddie the Frog Book and CD!
Mom Central Engaging Moms



Coos Bay, OR
Music key to raising kids' IQ



Baton Rouge Parents Magazine
Music In a Book
January 2011



Freddie the Frog and the Bass Clef Monster Book/CD

Introduce pre-readers and early readers to reading music in a fun and exciting way! The second book in the Freddie the Frog Books adventure series introduces the bass clef staff and nine bass clef notes. Lines and spaces represent each part of the story. While in hibernation, the staff comes to life through Freddie’s dream adventure and the reader’s imagination. The CD includes sing-a-long songs. The first Freddie the Frog book/CD, Freddie the Frog and the Thump in the Night, introduced the treble clef.



January 6, 2011 | by Skope Staff

As a parent and a music fanatic I was very excited to bring on my next guest. Music is an amazing form of expression. It can do everything from putting you in a good mood to getting you up and dancing. Did you know that music can also help children develop intelectually? My next guest Sharon Burch knows this alot better than I and she is here to talk all about it. A music teacher, clinician, and author, Sharon Burch developed an effective method using fiction and fantasy to teach musical concepts to her preschool through third grade students. Join us as Sharon talks about how she created Freddie The Frog, the danger of cutting music in school, how music benefits children, and so much more!




The Secret to Smarter Kids
1/5/2011 9:00 PM - 43 min
Powerful Patient (Blog Talk Radio)

Music education expert Sharon Burch talks with Joyce about the advantages of learning fundamental music concepts, introduced the Freddie the Frog Adventures. Freddie helps children understand the secret code of musical notation, causing the mind to think smarter. Music exercises the whole brain, making a student smarter. Listen Here...



Brooklyn , NY
Published: 11/24/2010
Posted: 1/5/2011
Musical Frog holds secret to smarter kids!



Radio Interview
Parent Talk with Susannah Baldwin



Music Key to Raising Kids' IQ
by Sharon Burch
Monday, January 3, 2011

In past generations, singing and playing instruments was an integral part of family life. A great way to express and entertain yourself and others. We did not realize it, but we were also exercising our brain while we played, causing us to be creative, more vibrant, smarter, etc. In our current generation, we tend to be passive listeners and consumers as a society, and as a result, shorting our mental development and our children the opportunity to reach their mental potential.




Music Key to Raising Kids’ IQ by Sharon Burch
Written on January 3, 2011 by Angela Wilson in Guest Blogs

Freddie the Frog takes kids on exciting adventures – and all the while teaches them about music.

Freddie the Frog books introduce and teach note names of the treble and bass clef by story characters, tempo terms, rhythm and beat. It is so much more entertaining than black marks on sheet music. Check out this guest blog from author Sharon Burch.