Sessions Available

Education Conference Session

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Teacher Conference/Convention Sessions


Elementary Classroom and General Music Classroom sessions:

  • Teaching with Freddie the Frog® Beyond the Books
  • Note Name Fun
  • Introducing…Rhythm, Beat, and Tempo…to kids!
  • 4-Beat Patterns to 12-Bar Blues (A continuation of "Rhythm, Beat, and Tempo")
  • Jazz and Kids, Scattin´ Fun
  • First Year SUCCESS – Teaching Tips and Tools


Workshops, Master Classes, and Professional Development (Half-day and Full-day)

  • A combination of the above list plus additional tips, tools and assessment
    Honorarium $800 per day plus travel expenses


Music Education Majors - College Groups

  • Using Freddie the Frog® and the books in the classroom and music classroom
  • First Year SUCCESS – Teaching Tips and Tools
  • How a story becomes a book- Writing/book making process
  • Going after your dream - The Life of an Entrepreneur


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Equipment Needed for Sessions


I use PowerPoint as part of presentations. Equipment needed:

  • Table
  • Projector Screen
  • LCD projector
  • Microphone, lavalier preferred
  • Sound system to connect to my computer headphone jack


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