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Itís here! The 3rd book is here! Freddie the Frogģ and the Mysterious Wahoooo

Concept focus? Rhythm, tempo and beat. An interactive book with an audio CD enclosed. The CD includes four jam tracks in four different tempos introduced in the book: largo, andante, allegro, and presto. Kids can play along with rhythm instruments, create new rhythms on the Magnetic Rhythm Set, and others can play the beat and an ostinato to accompany. Learning fun!

Magnetic Rhythm Set with Book 3 (sold separately)

Iím really excited about he magnetic rhythm set!

The set simplifies understanding and creating rhythms so any young child can easily succeed. Easy rhythm composition! No pencil-holding/writing coordination needed! Any child that can count to four can easily master composing their own rhythms and then play them with a jam track from the book! Rhythm composition made easy and fun!